Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Forum Usage for members

So I've just gone through my cancellations from CCBILL, and noticed a couple of things..

1. When you buy a membership to my site, you also have to register to become a member of my forums (the forums are where all members have access to movies, stories, discussions etc.,). This should happen within 24 hours, and you will receive an e-mail that tells you what password and username you've been assigned for access to the forums. You will still log on to my website, using the codes that you chose when you signed up for ccbill, but once in the members area, when you FIRST click on the forums, you will be asked to enter the codes you were emailed. (Subsequent log-ons should be remembered via cookie use).

2. When you cancel your membership to my site - you will still have access to it for the month that you've already paid - even though you cancel today, you are still allowed the time that is owed to you. Approx every other month I then go in and delete you out of the FORUMS, so if you re-sign up for my site at a later date, you will also have to resign up for access to the forums.

I noticed that many of you who cancelled (approx 40% of you) NEVER even signed up for the forums!! How come? Is it too difficult? Tell me why you never asked for access??

So today, I've uploaded a few new movies to the forums for members only -- hope you enjoy! I know I did ;-)

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