Thursday, August 31, 2006

1789 & Dungeon time..

Well I guess as of today, summer is officially over... boo hoo... I know I had a ton of time off this summer frolicking in the sun & laying by pools, but it's never really enough is it? I do find that the more playtime you have, the more you want ;-)

When I wasn't playing around I was working at the gym, which most of the time, I love it, but sometimes, it can be a tad boring ;-)

Last night, Olivia took me out to dinner at 1789, downtown DC.. it was delicious. He likes to show me off ~ which is kinda funny, because if the big wigs he introduced me to, even knew what kinky ass things he did for me, they'd DIE! Anyway, it was nice to get all dressed up & then pig out!! LOL.. I had a whole rack of lamb, not to mention soup, sorbet, and a salad!! Yummy..... We used to love heading off to Dream Dresser (although the fear of being seen for Olivia was enough to give her a heart attack coming in and out) after a night out downtown, but it's been closed now for at least a year, so we walked and reminisced (wow I had to think for a minute how to spell that!!!) about all the things we used to get up to in there!!

So many times we went and both played dress up, before finding and settling on new outfits for us both. The staff knew us well, and we kept them entertained! Anyway, talking about it all on the way home, got me really horny & wanting to play. I don't think I've been down in the dungeon since the beginning of summer!!!

When we arrived back at my place, I told Olivia to go downstairs and set the mood for me - that means brushing away the cobwebs, lighting the candles, putting on the music, and making sure everything is neat and tidy before we begin. I went upstairs and got out of my $1,000 dress, and slipped on a pair of fence net thigh highs, with no panties, a short leather mini skirt, a waist cincher (boobs out) and slipped on a pair of killer black heels, and let my hair down.

Olivia was waiting for me, assuming the position. She was already naked, on her knees, head bent, and arms behind her back, in front of my throne. I strode over, and sat down in front of her. I then told her what I wanted her to fetch. The gold collar, suspension arm binders, and her special cock ring. When she came back, I placed the collar around her neck, and had her place her arms in the binder. I had her raise them above her head, and I attached them to the mount. I then turned it on, the bar started to move, and pretty soon she was struggling to be on her tip toes. I stopped it, and then went around front to put on her cock ring - her cock was already hard -- to hard to get it on. I grabbed my riding crop, and took a few paces backwards. I love to watch her, watch me. She watches my every move so intently, and that in a way turns me on big time.

I gave her 10 with the crop, across her cock. It went just a little limp, (still not enough to get the ring on) so I decided a flogging on her backside was in order. I slowly walked past her, running my nails over her stomach, and reached for my flogger. I stepped back, and then let her have it. God it felt so good, feeling it flying through the air, and seeing it land on her arse, gave me tingles all over. (Why haven't I been playing more???)

Twenty five of those, and her cock was almost flaccid. That and the fact that her arms were killing her, trying to hold on as she flew forward everytime the flogger made contact with her ass. I brought her back to her feet, and had her spread her legs, so I could attach ankle restraints, and a spreader bar. I took the binders off, and attached cuffs so that she was making an X.

I grabbed some lube, and got her cock ring on, and immediately she was rock hard again ~ this time it was bouncing all over the place, and dripping some pre-cum. I love that! I love seeing a slave at my mercy, and their cock exposed, and dead hard. I grabbed the nipple clamps, and put them on, adding more tension, with every turn of the screw. I slid my ass up against her cock, pushing against her, and rubbing my stockinged leg against hers. She loves it when I rub my hair against her chest, and almost goes weak at the knees when I do it. I grabbed a paddle, and went behind her once more. Thirty swats to the behind, and then some teasing. I was HOTTER than hell by this stage -- I came back around so she could see me rub my cunt, and play with my nipples.

I wheeled the gyno table over to where we were playing (thank god it's got good casters), and eased myself into it. I put my legs in the stirrups, laid back, and told her to watch me masturbate myself. All the time I was watching her, watch me, and it looked like her cock was going to explode, with no touching at all necessary. I rubbed my finger over my clit, until it was standing out, and then fingered myself... it didn't take me long before I was gushing cum everywhere. When I was done, I got up, slid over to her, and slid my fingers into her mouth, making her clean them off for me.

Now it was her turn for the chair. I slid out of my skirt, and got my strap on out, slipped it on, and restrained her to the gyno table. Her legs were spread wide, and up in the air, and her pretty little tight hole was just peeking out at me. Before I fucked her, I climbed up and sat on her face, making her taste my cum, through the leather hole of the strap on. I whacked her face a few times with my cock, and then forced her to deep throat it, and get it nice and wet, before I fucked her up the arse with it.

I fucked her real good... I slammed my cock into her, and fucked her hard, while she was begging to cum, and begging me to slow down, so she wouldn't cum... it was fucking hot!!!

Anyone else up for it? Post your comments here!

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