Thursday, September 07, 2006

Storms & Outages..

God what a shitty week I've had! On Saturday the storm hit, and by Sunday I had no power at my house, and when I went to the gym on Monday morning, the power outages had effected their modems ~ so I couldn't get online from there either! My power came back last night around 6ish ~ but god it was awful - no A/C was the worst part. I can't function in the humidity! I also don't even have a landline phone at home (that doesn't need to be plugged in) & by Monday morning my cell was also dead!! Thank god it wasn't like one of those bad horror movies -- chick home alone, with only candles to light the way, no phone, and no one close enough to hear the screams!! LOL.

The gym had all their modems/routers replaced this morning around 9.30ish, so thankfully I can now at least log on, get caught up on my mail, and god knows what else. I can't believe it's already Thursday!!

Because there wasn't alot to do at home with no power, I partied a lot this week! I met this really sexy 40 year old woman called Catalina, who owns a boat and keeps it docked in Baltimore. She also lives in the same ritzy condo place at Spinnaker Bay that my friend Elizabeth does. I'm surprised with as much time as I spend over there that I haven't run into her before now ~ but without power a few of us went over to Powerplant live for a few drinks, and dinner. She was sitting alone at the bar, so we invited her to join us. She was a total hoot. Did I mention she was also drop dead sexy??

Turns out she divorced her husband because he has a small dick, and she was sick of getting lovers on the side to satisfy her. When she told her hubbie that she'd been with a black guy -- he freaked out.. apparantly other white or even hispanic guys were ok, but not a black dude! So while he was freaking out, she told him that his lack of equipment was too much for her to deal with, and even watching him pull on it, while she was getting fucked by someone who was much better endowed, no longer turned her on. So she threw him out. I like her spunk!

Anyway, I wound up going home with her that night, and we had awesome sex. She loves to eat pussy! Who am I to disagree?

So, I'm around, and working on e-mail, will also get some updates ready for tonight and tomorrow - new movies, some new galleries and that kinda stuff. Check back later ;-)

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