Wednesday, September 13, 2006

What I expect from you! Required Reading... part one

As a member of my site, I expect you to do certain things, act a certain way, and become a better person. I expect these things, because, this site is about my personal views on female-domination, and about you being a better submissive, if not for me, then for the other woman in your life.

Throughout this site you'll get ideas on how to be a better slave, and ways to increase your submission, and make yourself more desirable to a dominant woman.

Being a member of my site & using the forums also allows you to interact with others who are on a similar quest, and who don't judge, or make you feel less than. You can choose to be as private as you like (by not giving out identifying information about yourself, or posting a face pic) or as open as you feel you need to be. One is not better than the other, it's a matter of personal preference & how comfortable you are with your choices.

The first thing I expect from you, is a letter of introduction. Include as much information as you feel ready to share. Read it over, and ask yourself, would you want to get to know you better after reading it? Tell me who you are, where your interests may or may not be, talk about your age, health, and location. Be courageous, be specific, be truthful, and let it all hang out (so to speak).. I am NOT interested in a mass e-mail campaign - Don't recycle the same old shit.

Include a picture or video attachment of one of the following:-

Your cock in a chastity device, cock ring, rope bondage, or suffering pain for me (clips, needles etc.,)

Your cock inside a pretty RED high heel pump that you've been fucking!

You dressed up in a sexy pair of women's panties, with stockings of course (primary colours only for the panties).

Your ass with a cucumber, or zucchini, or ear of corn lubed up and entering you!

You cumming on either a red high heel pump, a pair of brightly coloured panties, or on a cucumber/zucchine/ear of corn.

Whichever of these you choose, I also want you holding (or taped onto your body) a home made sign which states clearly: PROPERTY OF MS JULIE

Now, why the specifics you ask - well there a ton of pics you could just grab from anywhere on the net, and this means you did actually follow through with what I asked, and are trustworthy, and can follow simple directions, and I SO APPRECIATE that in a guy.

Secondly, if and when you e-mail me, I always want the previous e-mails below your newest post (this way I don't have to sift through 40,000 older e-mails to remind myself details that we've already discussed).

Thirdly, Please take a second before you quote something tired and over-used to Me. I won’t pay any attention to the foolish things you say. I will, however, remember if you speak with honesty, creativity and intelligence.

Fourthly, Gift Giving - The Only Strings Attached To A Gift Should Be The Laces On A New Pair Of Boots!

If you want to give a special gift to a mistress, that's entirely up to you. I have seen dominas proudly show off presents that range from a single rose to a fleet of automobiles. The deep meaning or the financial extravagance of a gift you wish to give to your mistress is certainly your decision, but keep one very important thing in mind. If you strap a Rolex watch to her wrist or take her on a lavish European holiday, don't expect like value in return.

A genuine gift is often rewarded, but don't expect a reward or use a present as barter. That's really low budget, no matter how much you spent. Also keep in mind that there are two very definite categories of gifts--personal and self-serving. Like a husband giving his wife a dishwasher for her birthday, a submissive who gives a dominatrix bondage gear, a custom-made whip or exotic fetish clothing says that he's giving her this gift to outfit his own desires more than hers. Certainly it will be appreciated, but it may not be admired as much as a completely personal gift. If the mistress you fancy likes a certain brand of perfume or, maybe, Versace dresses, impress her by getting this kind of purely personal present, along with whatever self-serving dungeon goodies you'll no doubt buy. And then give these presents with no strings attached; your stock will soar in her estimation.

Let a Dominant know what you can do for them. Dominant women are not a public utility. You want them to spend their time and effort on you. What can you do for them in return? Your introductory letter should be very clear about the sorts of things that you can do for them. Are you good dinner company? Can you baby-sit her dogs, cats, and fish? Do you enjoy cleaning? Do you like fixing things? Are you the world's best boot polisher? Are you a leather fetishist who would love to Lexol all her toys? The possibilities are endless. Pick a few things (at least 5) that you're good at *and* that you are willing to do, and put that in your letter. Be sure that you are really willing to it. I have a friend who says, "They always say 'Oh Mistress, I'll do anything for you' until I tell them to clean the catbox."

So.... How do you become a Houseboy?

Dream on, houseboys...What submissive doesn't dream of achieving the coveted and elusive position of 'Houseboy'? I receive perhaps 150 applications per year for the post, and I'm going to have a real tough time replacing Olivia.

According to popular myth, being a houseboy is every slave's dream come true: Mince about the house in leather underwear, do a bit of dusting, polish Mistress' boots, receive hourly spankings, and sexually service Mistress and her 3 gorgeous friends with alarming regularity.

Nothing could be further than the truth. Being a houseboy is perhaps the most demanding, thankless task ever conceived, a true test of ability, training, and character. As my current (tho not live-in) #1 is fond of saying, "this is not a gig for the faint of heart". A houseboy is called upon 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to perform whatever task his Mistress sets him, and he is expected to do the job on time, to spec, and under budget. He does not receive tangible rewards for performing his assigned duties; his reward is the satisfaction of pleasing his Mistress, and easing her way through the perils of the day.

Let's examine the qualities needed to be an effective houseboy.

A houseboy must be submissive, totally, but realistically. A groveling, sycophantic submissive is a poor candidate for a houseboy position, as he lacks the drive and initiative required to keep up with the demands of the job. There is a time and a place for crawling to me and kissing my feet, but 4:00 PM on a Saturday when I'm in the backyard and I desire a cocktail is neither the time, nor the place. I look for a bright, motivated and intuitive personality when considering a houseboy candidate. Retiring, artificially humble slaves are not suited to the task.

Loyalty is essential. While I prefer an experienced candidate, I have no desire to share him with his 'other' Mistress. It will take me long enough as it is to adequately train him, without having him try to meet the demands of two or more other dominants. A houseboy is ideally the most trusted member of a dominants' household, privy to confidential personal information, and depended upon to perform tasks which demand the utmost in discretion. If I can't trust my houseboy, I can't trust anyone.

Demanding, 'high maintenance' submissives are far too much trouble to keep as houseboys. I've lost track of the number of candidates who expected me to stand behind them, in full costume, artfully applying a riding crop to their bottoms as they ineffectively maneuver the vacuum cleaner. Sorry, fellas...the reason houseboys exist in the first place is to save me that degree of trouble. I can FORCE anyone to do my cleaning: A houseboy WANTS to do it, with no expectation of reward.

Skills are essential: a houseboy must have extraordinary abilities in any number of disciplines. Cooking and cleaning? Merely the beginning. A houseboy must have proven abilities in at LEAST 5 of the following fields:

Fabric Care
Wood Working
Leather Working
Metal Working
Graphic Design
Computer Programming
Martial Arts
Skin Care
Shiatsu Massage
Word Processing/Database Management
Tax Preparation
Great Organization Skills
Story writing capablilities
Managing a business

Any other skills not mentioned above are a bonus, and if you say you have certain abilities, you'd best be able to deliver on demand. It is not appropriate to indulge in 'on the job training'.

A houseboy sees Mistress at her worst: contrary to popular belief, we do not roll out of bed in full make-up, slip on our latex cat suits and thigh high boots and slink into the kitchen for coffee. Similarly, houseboys, when permitted to 'overnight', do not always spend the night in chains, ball-gagged and butt plugged. I have no intentions of having to waste valuable time setting you free in the morning in order that you may make my bowl of special K, and bring me a glass of cold o.j.

Houseboys rise with the sun, on their own volition, and have the household fully functioning by the time Mistress awakes. Houseboys must contend with Mistress' many moods, and must be almost precognitive in sensing and meeting her needs. An ideal houseboy is a transparent addition to a dominant household, filling many roles, often simultaneously, while maintaining a cheerful yet unobtrusive demeanor. Olivia is my right hand man... err girl...

What are the rewards? Satisfaction at a job well done. Being treated with the dignity and respect worthy of a skilled and dedicated craftsman. Knowing that you are a good friend, listener, confidant. The occasional foray into the dungeon.

The punishments? More severe that you could possibly imagine. A houseboy is not expected to be perfect, although it's always a nice thing to aspire to, but neither is he allowed to err constantly. Once familiar with the rules and expectations of the household, he is expected to comply with them completely. A houseboy intentionally misbehaving, in expectation of receiving a sound spanking often finds himself summarily dismissed.

Being a lifestyle submissive is a noble trade. Being a houseboy is a job. Know the job description, learn constantly, keep your eyes and ears open, and most importantly keep your mouth shut, and make yourself invaluable. If you're lucky, your efforts will be rewarded. And lastly, have lots of discretion.

OK, well give yourself 3 points for reading this far. After re-reading it, sit down and type me up a letter. Give yourself another 3 points. Re-read your letter, spell check it, and save it. Don't send it yet. Go make your sign. Give yourself another 3 points. Then get set up to take your photo (make sure you have all the required props, and a hard cock. (One which is hopefully mostly, hair free - no bushes - it shouldn't look like a weed whacker is needed to get through it)... Edit your photo, get it attached to your letter, save it and go shower, or have a glass of wine, or fix yourself something to eat. Give yourself another 3 points. Read your letter one last time, make any edits needed, and then send it off to me - -- I look forward to getting it, and you should stay tuned to find out what else is expected from you, part two..

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