Thursday, August 17, 2006

Night swimming

Well since I got back from my vacation, I've been working out like a complete lunatic, and eating nothing but fruits & veggies, and my vitamins. I started this metal cleanse & liver detox program (I have to gag down like 30 pills a day - it's bloody awful), but in just over a week, I've not only lost the 4.5lbs I put on, but 1 extra lb besides!! Can't beat that with a stick right? With the liver detox you have to be really strict - no meat, no coffee, no chocolate, no carbonated waters -- which led me to only fruits and veg, but I figured with the amount of alcohol I'd put in my system all summer long, I could really do with flushing it all out!! LOL.
The only problem with all of this is that because of my extra workouts (I'm doing cardio twice, sometimes three times a day) my back, neck, shoulders and legs are absolutely killing me. Last night when I got home and got done with my salad & cottage cheese dessert I decided that I'd go use the pool - it was lovely! I have only been in it a few times this summer at night, but there's nothing nicer than floating on your back looking at the stars.
I had Olivia run off her feet last night. She came outside with my phone at least twice, then I had her take some pictures with it, but they really didn't come out well - dark, cloudy, and no flash obviously! I also had her bring me iced water, then sent her back in for a couple of towels, then back again for my robe & flip flops, oh and did I forget to mention I had her breaking in a new pair of thigh high stiletto boots for me? Her size 11's in my size 9.5's - it was pure torture! However, the leather did get nicely broken in, and I can't wait to wear them.
I've actually been quite mean to her recently - I think because I'm mad that she can't logistically leave her position and move with me when I put my house on the market. Olivia has an extremely high powered position on Capitol Hill, of which I'm not even going to hint at, but she also owns property in G'town that's worth almost 2.2million dollars, and 2008 is hopefully going to be a big year for her... I'm SO going to miss her, she's like my best friend, my confidant, and the most trustworthy person I know.
Anyway, I made Olivia dry me off when I got out of the pool, and take my bikini off, then I laid down on a sunbed and had her oil me down, and give my poor back a much needed massage. It felt so good. Unfortunately I had to be in bed by 11pm, so there wasn't much time for a full body massage, and as I was in a pissy mood with her, I didn't reward her by allowing her to kiss my ass, or worship my pussy, which she LOVES to do!!! We came in the house, and I bid Olivia good night. When I went up to bed, I noticed that she'd changed my sheets, and also flipped my mattress - problem is, when I got in, my bed was harder than a rock - there was no cushion on the bottom side of the mattress - so obviously it wasn't meant to be flipped... it was so hard I couldn't stick it after an hour, my back was killing me again, and I couldn't get comfortable no matter what. I was so pissed off. I took my pillows and went into Nichole's old room, and got into her bed, but by now it was already close to 1am.
4.30am came quickly, and I totally dragged ass today at the gym, and now I'm laying in wait for Olivia, who is going to get punished like she's never been before.......

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