Saturday, February 15, 1997

Who knew?? I was kinda joking anyway though..

02/15/97 ‑ Well what a nice lot of submissive slaves that we have.... We'd like to say thanks especially to:‑ Bill, John, David, Kevin, Jessica, Dan, Yiannakis, & Lolita for the beautiful, huge rose arrangements that got delivered to us. They were truly beautiful!! We received so many cards & chocolates & we'll all send you all individual thank you notes.. please be patient, we may be writing for weeks!! Our house, & dungeon almost looks like a funeral home there are so many vases of roses... WE LOVE IT!!! THANKS VERY MUCH!!!

Oh dear, well after coming home from the midnight movie, I just got this in my mail box tonite ‑

"Just thought I'd let you know, in case you didn't, that sending bio‑hazards through the US postal service is prohibited by federal law. This includes human feces. You might want to reconsider whether you plan to do this, based on that information. You might also want to consider whether you plan to state that you've done it in a public forum.

Otherwise, I enjoy your website and hope it continues to be such a great source of information. Just concerned that the proprietress might end up in a federal prison ;‑)"

So let me ask do they transport lab samples when you have to give a donation at the DR's office?? All very confusing stuff.... I guess one way for me to find out is to the Post Office up tomorrow and just ask them directly.... I wouldn't want to end up in jail now would I?

Anyhow, thanks guys for a wonderful Valentine's Day weekend!! We all had a blast!!

By the way ‑ I have a great session story to tell you about that happened today, with this slave called Charles... and what a blast he, Lolita, myself, & Ashleigh had!!! But you'll all have to wait till (at the very earliest) Monday

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