Tuesday, February 18, 1997

Sadistic? Me?

02/18/97 ‑ Jeez, what a busy weekend and day I've had. I haven't sat down for more than 5 minutes today ‑ you know all those sales were going on!!
Anyhow it's extremely early in the morning, and I figured I'd get started on answering some questions that have been coming up repeatedly.. For those of you who are interested in postal training (no matter what your fetish is) it will be customized for you by the Mistress that you think you'd like to train under. It's going to be fully explained in the application material, that we send out to you, but for those of you who just have to know... there will be up to four lessons a month... (depending on how quick you get yourself to the mailbox). The training sessions will have audio tapes, video tapes, written material, and tasks for you to perform. It's taken me a very long time to put this stuff together, but every audio and video tape will be totally different/unique (in it's own little way!!) just like us!! I hope that answers the questions on that issue.

Second issue.... For all of you who have or are going to offer us your help in the woodworking, metalworking, or handyman departments, I'm delegating all of this to Mistress Nichole... you'll be under her command, and you'll follow her orders. She knows what it is we're looking for, and she'll be able to explain it to you. Please direct further inquiries on this matter to her. For those of you who have e‑mailed me, and we've actually had a chance to chat on the phone, and go into stuff in much more detail... I look forward to getting the plans etc., from you, and I will continue to work with you on it. Help in this department is very much needed always!!

Third issue, I want to sincerely thank Alan, for coming by on Saturday and paving my garden (making a walk‑way) while I was in training sessions, and for bringing me a razor strap that he hunted high and low to find. I'm truly thankful & grateful to you. Your reward ‑ A dinner date, and then you get to shampoo, and condition my hair.... and give it those 100 strokes with the brush, that I know you so want to do.... a head massage wouldn't be out of line at this point either!!! Call me!

I also want to thank Lolita, our soon to be live‑in sissy maid, for putting up with all of my shit these past few weeks, and for taking such good care of me & the girls, and for helping out as much as you do. I know sometimes I 'forget' or 'can't be bothered' to tell you, but I appreciate it. However don't let that go to your head, and this weekend when I see you, you'd better be well rested because my closets and dressers in my bedroom, are going to get organized, come hell or high water.... I almost broke my neck going down stairs this evening... I don't think piling my clean clothes from one end of the stairs to another end was a smart thing to do... do you? When I told you to put them there for the time being, I meant like the next hour... not the next week..... Thank you however for sorting out all the pantyhose, stockings, and body stockings... (although I know you don't ever complain at doing tasks like this one!) I can now find them when I need them.... Hand washing them next weekend is next on the agenda... They've been in that box for a while.... I'll plan on seeing you very late Tuesday night at your place in NY to pick up Ashleigh's new computer. Make sure you have clean fresh sheets on your bed & that you have an extra blanket or two for yourself... it can get cold on the floor at night.

I would also like to thank Jim, for giving me a rubber suit this Saturday that he just bought. Jim's going through a purging stage in his life, where he's getting rid of his fetish clothing, and I was the beneficiary. (I don't believe that this is the first time either) That's nice, that you gave me the suit, but I would rather play with you in your rubber suit Jim, so if you ever feel the urge to do this again, you have my number, please feel free to call me ‑ until then, I'm sure we can make plenty of usage out of it!! Thank you!! It is appreciated greatly!!

And guys, goodness, you're swamping our mailbox ‑ (and we love it!!! It feels so nice to get these beautiful letters & cards from you) Ashleigh went over there today again after work, and called me up to tell me to come help her out & to bring a trash bag... We seriously must have got about 50 cards (belated, but still appreciated!!) and about a dozen boxed gifts....For those of you who gave us a return address for you, we'll be sending you thank you cards & a little something special in the mail ‑ much later this week!!

Well that's all for right now, I'm working on some stories etc., and more pics but you'll just have to wait a few days for them... I'm off to feed all my fish (I have four freshwater tanks, consisting of mainly Oscars, Jack Dempseys, Manganese, Jewel fish, red belly piranhas (these are by themselves), Alligator Gar, cat fish.....) and in one smaller tank (it's only 30 gallons) I have this one, huge, lonely (probably horny) goldfish... whose going to feel even more alone, when I start fishing feeder fish out of his tank to feed to the other fish. My fish eat through about 200 goldfish every two weeks ‑ although I only put about 15 at a time into each tank, and the rest house with this huge goldfish, till it's time for supper.... I'm so sadistic!!

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