Friday, February 14, 1997

Valentines Day

02/14/97 ‑ Happy Valentines Day, and thanks to all of our clients who were kind enough to send us flowers, and cards... they were much appreciated (and probably/most definitely earned you some brownie points!!) Ashleigh said our mailbox was swamped when she went over there this afternoon!! Everyone over there she said was gawking at her!! She had armfuls of boxes etc., Poor girl!!

Nichole got some really (useful) gifts... one of her slaves sent her some SONY movie theatre tickets, (so we're all off to the movies tonite!!) And a gift certificate for TGIF's!! So she sez thanks a lot!! I got a gift certificate to Victoria Secret (I can never get enough of these!!) And also yards of some really nice velvety material, from a very special slave ‑ I need lots of this stuff, I'm redoing my dungeon in plush (maroon, dark red, and black, all the way from footstools, to curtains..) so this was much appreciated.... I guess he works in a fabric store, or a factory that manufactures curtains or something!!

Thank God, no one sent us any perfume... after Xmas we were swamped with bottles of the stuff, none of us will need perfume till the year 2000!!
Ashleigh got a really cool iron candle holder, it's really funky looking, and it's going in our dungeon!! Lady Sarah & Keri received MANY boxes of chocolate, and Sarah also got sent a gift certificate to Nordstrom's (one of her favourite places to buy shoes!) Actually talking about Nordstrom's, they have these really funky Zebra patterned high heel boots, that are totally awesome, that I saw last time I was there... I'll have to run over there and pick them out this weekend....

Surprisingly enough, none of us are doing anything for Valentines Day, except being together!! It's such a tough life being goddesses, and single at that!! Every guy we know is too scared to ask us out on a date... funny isn't it? So tonite, (thanks to Nichole's slave) we're all going to go to the late movie, after hitting TGIF's for some dinner!!

Anyhow, there won't be any more changes till at least Monday, as Saturday I am going to be swamped training a couple of new submissives, and Sunday I'll be doing sessions. So to keep you very busy till then, I've added a lot more stories, for you to drool, and fantasize over!!

Oh & also... if you come across pages where the pictures or the links don't work, do me a huge bloody favour, and e‑mail me, alrighty? I can't possibly check every page, every day, as well as maintain this site ‑ I know I'm awesome & everything, but even I have my limits of what I can do in a day...

I'm also looking for TASTE TEST subjects.... Why? Well I want to test sending 'fertilizer' (that's a good word isn't it??) through the mail... and knowing if it arrives, safely, freshly, and in tact.. maybe spread in my panties???

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