Monday, February 17, 1997

I honestly wasn't serious about it!!! Was I?

02/17/97 ‑ Hi slaves... Happy 'President's Day' (Like that matters to me! ‑ though I guess there are sales going on.... hmmm..) Someone was very nice enough to help me out with my biohazardous material question ‑ wow that was a mouthful!! Anyhow, here's what I was told...

"I am writing you to answer your question regarding how lab specimens are transported. I have been consulting in health care for fifteen years and have helped set up many medical laboratories. One project I worked on tested the entire Army Reserves and active Navy for HIV. (I used to go to the DC area monthly when the navy {National Institute of Health} and the Army {Ft. Detrich} were my clients). I wish I knew your were in that region then, I would have LOVED to get to meet you. Anyway, most laboratories and hospitals have their own courier network of drivers who are employed or contracted to transport biohazardous waste. Whenever you want to ship blood, urine or other bodily matter, the way we always did it was via FedEx, Airborne, etc. The only trick is in the packaging and labeling. If you contact your local office they can give you the details, but the short version is it has to be double bagged to ensure that if the container broke the contents could not escape through the packaging to be exposed. Additionally, the packaging has to be sealed and labeled with the Biohazardous stickers, ...I hope this helps."

When I said US mail, I really meant RPS, or FedEx to begin with... were I come from we only have parcel post, or the mailman & for us it's kinda all the same thing anyhow.. so it probably most definitely is something that I cannot do through regular US mail...I'm sure you'll all be glad to know that I've finally found a new provider for my site, so hopefully, while it's being moved (sometime this week) I won't have any downtime, or problems.... Thanks to everyone who helped me search (you know who you are!) or give me other ideas on how to host it myself.

And, a big thanks to Jaguar, who (even though he was very late) sent me a wonderful multimedia valentines day card ~ it was great!!

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