Saturday, February 08, 1997


02/08/97 ‑ Ok, well I spent a really nice evening at the HOSPITAL! I'm really not feeling too hot... It's starting to seem that I have 'toothache' really badly, (and not Migraine stress) so after being up again last night, (and every night since last Saturday night) I'm going to go try to find an oral surgeon who can see me today.... Unfortunately for me, Novocaine doesn't work (I guess I'm immune to it or something) so I have to get put to sleep for them to be able to remove (yikes) or fix the infected tooth. I never had any idea, that one tiny tooth could cause a person sooooo much pain. I've been in complete agony. Needless to say, I didn't get to see a movie last night, as I spent most of the evening in the emergency room of Suburban Hospital.... Although after waiting 2 ½ hours, I decided I was going home... It's well saying I wasn't dying or anything!! They are really slow at seeing patients, and I guess even though I was in EXTREME pain, my toothache didn't rank high on their list of priorities.... Nor did the fact that I'd been kinda O.D'ing on pain medication.... (Especially when they have people sitting there holding there eyes into their heads!!) I'd had about 24 Fiortal with codeine since yesterday (Friday) at 4pm.... Not good.... So I'm feeling really queasy today.... Hopefully I can find a dentist who can see me today, as I desperately want to be able to just lay down and close my eyes, without the intense pain!

Anyhow, saying as how I was up again last night (and for someone who hadn't drank in months ‑ I had about 5 shots of Whiskey, (to ease the pain) which did no use, nor put me to sleep!) so I was able to finish off some more pages, in between cursing & (yes I do it occasionally) crying... ‑ or rather screaming & sobbing!! So here it is, 7am in the morning, and Nichole, Lolita and Sarah, (who stayed with me last night to keep me company) are all fast asleep dreaming of kinky things no doubt! It's just not fair, as I haven't been able to sleep since last Saturday evening!!!

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