Thursday, February 20, 1997

No Anal sex in MD???

02/20/97 ‑ There's a lot of laws that I think people need to be aware of ‑‑ for instance in the state of MD did you know that anal sex was a felony and punishable with up to 10 years in prison, and or $1,000 fines?

Many thanks to:‑ Alan, for his HUGE belated Valentines card, his velvet material (just what I needed!!) and his chocolates (which I could do without!!). They are very much appreciated!!

I'd also like to thank Jeff who has been helping me with my shipping problem. I've finally got the logistics all worked out... For legal reasons, It's going to be going via FedEx, in special containers, with screw top lids, and packed in dry ice. It'll be double ziplock bagged, and will be shipped overnight.

I also can't wait to start postal training slaves, I've been busy putting together ideas for audio and video training, and for cross‑dressers‑ I've had many, many exciting thoughts about how to go about their training & transformation process. I'll tell you more about it later!!

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