Thursday, February 06, 1997


02/06/97 ‑ Well....last weekend didn't go exactly as planned... for a few different reasons... However the stuff I needed to do in my dungeon will get done this upcoming weekend, and (probably the following weekend also) and again anyone who can help would be much appreciated! I have so much on my mind right now, that I almost can't think straight... not that I ever do... ;>) however the most important things that we need ‑ are some‑body who is good with their hands, and can re‑attach equipment to walls ‑ if you've no clue on how to use a hammer, or screwdriver, don't offer me or Nichole your will get hurt.

So what have I been up to this weekend?? Well Nichole and I had a delicious afternoon on Saturday with some lovely new slaves, and I had a rather intense, and awfully sensuous session with Lolita, my little foot sucking, sissy maid!!

Then on Saturday night, my hot new girlfriend and I watched The Lifestyles Convention on HBO Hot stuff!! Definitely got us both hot and bothered!!

I also read a good book ‑ 'The Ten Commandments of Pleasure', and I'd suggest if you want to know how to properly please a woman to pick it up and study it carefully!! It gives us 10 commandments for men, and ten for women and is a great book on how to have 'great' sex!!

I picked up another book ‑ 'Footsucker' by Geoff Nicholson, that the Washington Post did a great review of a few weeks back... it's as the name suggests about a foot fetishist, and looks pretty promising.... I'll give you a proper review when I'm done!! It's my new reading material for the treadmill!!

My on‑going project is, I still need a new service provider to host my site ASAP, otherwise it will be coming down by the end of next week, if not sooner... this is very depressing to me, and I'm sure to the 20,000 plus people who come here on a daily basis... So if you can find a provider who will host an adult site, for less than my right arm, then I'd love to know or meet them...

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