Friday, February 07, 1997

Foot slave

02/07/97 ‑ Thank God it's Friday!! A few of my girlfriends and I are taking off early tonight, to go see a movie.. It's a toss between Evita, and Fran Drescher's The Beautician & The Beast !!! (OH BOY!!) ;>) In an hour or so I'm off to get my nails painted, and a pedicure done... I think I'm going to stick with good old fire engine red this week. Once a month she does this really cool treatment on my feet, I think it's with paraffin..... any how, it makes your feet silky smooth, just like a baby's arse!

Yesterday I went to my Dr.'s as I've not been feeling so hot this week, I have been having massive migraine headaches... so I won't personally be taking any appts this weekend... I think I'm just going to chill out, and be pampered by my sissy maid Lolita. (who gets down from NY tonight and stays the whole weekend at my house ‑ she of course sleeps in a large cage, or sometimes if she's good, and has pleased me, and I feel like having some company, I make her lay at the bottom of my four poster bed, and I restrain her legs to one post, and her hands to the others, with some panty hose. I love teasing the hell out of her, by making her wear a pair of my thigh high stockings from Victoria Secret, and a pair of my panties, and I sleep nude except for my thigh high stockings, which I have on only because I love rubbing my stocking clad feet over her body, as I sleep!!)

Lolita totally takes care of my every little need! My girlfriends just love it when I bring Lolita along on our outings to the mall or the movies etc., they get to take total advantage of her!! They tease the hell out of her by taking her into Frederick's of Hollywood, and Victoria Secret, and every shoe shop we can find, 'cause she's such the little toe sucker!

When we go to the movies, Lolita buys the tickets, and 5 sodas, and a huge bucket of popcorn (and we expect her to carry it all, so she normally has to make at least two trips to the concession stand, while we're sitting down relaxing, watching the trailers!!) She sits in the middle holding the popcorn, which she gets 5 little drinking cups along with it, and these she fills with popcorn for us throughout the entire movie.... and we just sit there munching, telling her to pass us a soda... get us a napkin.... we love it!!

In the mall, in a shoe store, we make her get down on her knees, and take off our shoes, put the little stocking on our feet, and then we have her try on us about 10 pairs of shoes each!! Then we model them, all the while putting them in her face, asking if she likes them, or if she thinks they're sexy.... (all the while, we know she's as hard as a rock, and just dying to make love to them!!) If we like any, she of course has to buy them for us!

In Victoria Secret, or Frederick's, we pick out stuff, and she carries it, following us around like a little puppy dog, all the while we're totally humiliating her, by telling her what she's going to be trying on, or what we're buying specifically for her to model for us!! Or we'll pick up really nice silky, or satin teddies, which we'll rub against her face, asking her if she likes the feel of them! In the changing room, we use her as our coat‑rack for our clothes, as we try on bras, and body stockings etc., then rubbing ourselves against her asking her if she likes what she sees.... She's dying to cum at this point!! It's sooo funny!!

She of course gets to carry all of our packages around the mall as we do our rounds... In the coffee shops, she takes our orders, and goes and gets us it, as we rest our weary feet, after such a hard day of shopping!! It's brilliant... She is such a good little maid to me, and my girlfriends!!

So tonight, I'm going to go do that, and tomorrow, Sarah, Nichole & Ashleigh have appts scheduled, so I'll chill out over at the dungeon, and work on my site for a few hours... then go shopping, and do lunch with my friends & Ashleigh. Sarah, Nichole, and Ashleigh have been dying to go out and party at a club, so I think I'll go shop for another little black dress tomorrow, and tomorrow night, we'll go paint the town red, with Lolita as our chauffeur.

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