Thursday, February 13, 1997

Rose petals..

02/13/97 ‑. Ashleigh and I just had a really nice backrub/scrub, and foot massage from a very special client of ours, who brought over a dozen roses for each of us, and an extra dozen which he took the petals off and put in the bath tub, so that we could soak luxuriously in the bath milk, and pink petals....It was wonderful, and just what the Dr ordered.... In fact I enjoyed it so much, I think I need to have Lolita go draw me another one.... oh, and he bought me this really cute little pair of French knickers, and cami top, which has little red hearts, and bows all over it.... ‑ I'm going to climb into them, and go to bed!! They're very Valentiney!!

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