Sunday, February 09, 1997

Thones, Rings & pics

02/09/97 ‑ Well guys, I'm finally feeling a tad better, I received many tooth remedies from slaves, and friends, and have used them all... seems combined they work at least some, so that I'm not in excruciating pain.... Oh well I've only got to wait till Tuesday. :‑(

This weekend's been a total flop! (For me at least!!) Sarah, and Nichole both had really nice times it seems with some new clients this weekend, but poor, little old me, didn't do any of the hot, and kinky things that I wanted to.

All of us here, are alarmingly surprised at how well the page is coming along and shaping up, however feed‑back from all of you submissive sissy's is ALWAYS a big help. If there's something that you'd like to see more of, or something that isn't already here, please let us know.... e‑mail me and tell me all about it. If you haven't figured it out by now, you should know that I'm kinda open to anything & pretty unshockable!!

I've also been kicking around the idea of having a discussion board, where we can talk about whatever (as long as it's related to this web site's content). It would ‑ I guess ‑ be almost like the Usenet groups ( except without all the spam and crap that you have to weed through..... If you like this idea, or hate this idea, please tell me!!

I haven't forgotten, or stopped working on the video section ‑ I'll be able to do this somewhat if everyone knows how to download mpegs, aiff's, etc., and how to use their Netscape plugins, or has a video player of some sort already installed in their computer. It's not as daunting as it sounds. You'll also have to have PKZIP installed in order to be able to open the downloaded zip files. I also cannot do it till I change to another host provider, as this one will go absolutely nucking futs!!

This afternoon (Sunday) Lolita drove me to Ellicott City (For those of you who don't know the area, it's a little historical town, with lots of antique stores, witch‑craft stores, herbal stores and jewelry stores). I just love it down here... I found THE perfect THRONE in one of these stores. It's made of Oak, and was huge! Decorated with some nice pillows, it would look very good in my dungeon. However I didn't have the $500 to buy it :‑( what a bargain 'eh??? SO, hopefully after I get done paying bills this month It'll still be there! What did I get?? Well I got two really nice rings ‑ one is a garnet ‑ my favourite stone, but not my birth stone, and the other was a Russian wedding ring! Very cool!! I also got some cool candle sticks for the dungeon, and some really nice smelling, incense & oils.

Sarah, and Nichole, have both promised me that they'll get me some more stuff together for their pages this week, so do keep checking that out.... and because I've been inundated with foot picture requests, you can be sure that I'll try to scan some more of those in by the end of the week. If you'd like to see something in particular, drop us a line, and let us know!

Well I'm going to go wake Ashleigh up, and try to coerce her into coming to the gym with me... Hope you've enjoyed the new updates!!!

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