Friday, August 08, 1997

Stinky sneakers...

08/08/97 ‑ Hello worms.. Gosh I had a lovely day of shopping yesterday, in fact all of us dommes had a lazy, relaxing day. Of course in order to get this, I had to stay up till 4.40am yesterdaymorning, sending out passwords, answering e‑mail (all 600+ messages) and working on the web page. Jeez, a dommes work is never done!!

I got some lovely new lingerie for myself today ‑ from Victorias Secret, & Hechts. Rather racy looking ;>) I also got a new pair of running shoes for the gym as my old ones stink something bad!! Wearing them barefoot increases the smell by about 500%!! I also went to see Airforce One, pretty good movie, but I preferred the next movie that I saw ‑ It was on cable last night, and it was all about Snuff Films... Pretty intense stuff.... and it seems they categorize it under B&D.... Seems that the porn industry hooked up with some guys who owned this huge prostitution ring, and they killed the hookers in snuff films... it is apparantly (from what I'm told) quite a big market all over the world... OK, whatever floats your boat, but this didn't do it for me.

It seems while I was gone Lolita was a busy queen bee.... She worked on her journal Put up one of her old fantasies (Teacher/Pupil) with some added pics, and also worked on a couple of TS animations.... these are very cute! Well Lolita, I was very impressed ;>) You know Lolita, you've also been the topic of conversation around here for the past few days.... seems Nichole & Diana are just dying to see you give it to Jenny!! And Jenny is just dying to get it from you!! ;>)

This afternoon was spent in a session with a slave called David. David has it seems played with every domme in the North American region. (What a whore!) David explained his interests lay in cock and ball bondage and torture & a little bit in golden showers. No teasing for him, as far as C&BT he wanted the real deal!! Well not a problem for me, I have so many torturous devices for the cock and balls, and just love to see a hard cock straining from all the weight or pain that I can inflict upon it ;>) We had a parachute around the cock and balls, and attached to that is numerous weights. (So far totally 17lbs!) After playing around with crops and whips on his dick, we started talking about his interest in golden showers... well David had never drank from the golden cup before, and wasn't quite sure that he could actually do so... he was more or less infatuated with what comes out of that little hole....

I thought I'd make it easier on his first time around, so I made him watch very closely as I started to pee, right before so I decided I was going to tease him with it... This worked well enough, and before I got finished, he was begging me to allow him to catch the last few drops ;>) I teased and teased him some more, but oh well who could resist a begging slave!!!!

Toilet training is something that all of us here enjoy doing, we just love using our slaves as our toilets. There's something very satisfying about a slave who is willing to consume whatever we give him!! Either from our golden chalice, or directly from the source!! We're still hoping that someone can indeed build us a toilet seat or throne made for two of us at a time, that would indeed be a lot more comfy than just standing, or squatting over a slave. I 've also noticed that when we're very comfortable, much more tends to come out!!

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