Saturday, August 09, 1997

Dungeon seminars

08/09/97 ‑ Well slaves I have been chock‑a‑blocked with sessions all day yesterday, and for most of today I will be booked which is why I'm getting this out of the way first.... Last night at 9pm, I saw a slave called Mike... Mike previously saw Lady Sarah a couple of times when she worked here...

Mike and I started out by doing some C&B bondage ‑ a nice parachute, clamped tightly around his balls, and then I laid him down on my floating suspension table, and chained him up by his arms nice and tight. I then hoisted his cock and balls straight up in the air attached to the chain.... He kept telling me how scared he was, because he knew that He wasn't going anywhere, anytime soon!! I then put a penis gag in his mouth ‑ that took care of the talking ;>)

Then it was time for me to start using my little red riding crop on him, God how I love to see them shake and shiver in anticipation of what’s coming next!! I'm sooo evil! After a few good rounds of the riding crop, it was time for candle wax ;>) Whoo Hoo!!!

Moving quickly along.... ;>) it was time for the spanking bench, I have a couple of new paddles that I was dying to try out on little mikey!! Anyway, I had a really good time, and I know for sure that Mike did too... he's a horny little slave :>)

Today, I was working on transforming a pathetic male slave into a gorgeous woman, and today we focused on chastity... and keeping that horrible, pathetic, small piece of skin locked away... Dominique went home wearing this, and I kept the one and only key. She'll have it on till Friday of next week when I get back from the beach...;>)

That leads me onto my next part.... I'm going to be going to the Beach for several days, one for a 2‑day B&D S/M & Bi‑female seminar at Rehobeth Beach, (Sunday and Monday) (dungeon party tonite) and secondly to go on and visit with a slave who has a house right down on the ocean front for another few days (Tuesday through Monday) Hopefully the weather will be great for me while I'm there.... I'm starting to lose my tan big time! While I'm gone, Mistress Nichole will also be gone for a few days in NYC ‑ I believe Tuesday & Wednesday. Mistress Diana will be here working with slaves, and doing sessions with clients as normal. She will also probably as normal be updating her journal. Mistress Nichole will take over with my journal when she gets back on Thursday.

What does this mean to you? Well there'll be few changes made till I get back, so be patient, and make sure you've read everything else there is to offer....

Don't I feel special today, I finally rec'd my shipment of new clothes from UPS ‑ God, I've only been waiting 9 days for an overnight shipment! Wanna hear what goodies I got?? I got some hot red leather panties, with buckles at either side, and studded all around the edge of the leg holes... I got a pair of really funky earrings ‑ chains, A really cool red and black studded choker that goes into a V..... A rather cool black leather bra, and an even cooler bustier bra (black and red of course)!! (Thanks Charles darling ;>) you are such a good generous slave ;‑)

Nichole's shipment also arrived, and inside it, she'd gotten Jenny her own cute maids outfit, complete with gloves, garter and hat! I'll have to update my wish list now!! I'll also be able to take my new outfits to the dungeon party at the beach tonite...

We're actually so lucky now, we've become wholesale suppliers for a huge Leather & Latex clothing company out of the east coast, that means that we get the stuff for next to nothing!! For instance, Nichole's new boots that she got last week, David paid about $70.00 for them, and in Dream Dresser (the same boots) they cost $380.00!! Now is that inflation or what?? So for all of you generous submissives that like to buy us gifts, you can now, just tell us what you'd liked to get us, and the amount that you'd like to spend on us, and we can bill your credit card, and have the clothes shipped directly to us!! Isn't that cool!!

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