Saturday, August 02, 1997

08/02/97 ‑ Well slaves, I've been moving some things around, updating some information, and generally overlooking the entire web site that is our empire. I would welcome ideas from any of you, regarding areas that you are really interested in seeing added, or expanded upon. E‑mail me with the subject line Ideas.

Something a little more different than what we offer is a 30 night dungeon diary of this dancer who goes to work in a B&D house, where she is mostly a submissive. She talks about the sessions, the types of clients that she sees, what they like to do in session, and how this house is run. It is very different from what goes on here. In fact it seems like worlds apart, but pretty interesting all the same to hear another view point. I have to say that the last few chapters of 18 are my favourite along with all of chapter 26 and chapter 29 is really intense, and kinda funny in a sick perverted way ;>) That probably explains why I almost peed myself while reading it!! Poor girl tho, around chapter 24 I was feeling very sorry for her. To be in this kind of work, you really have to enjoy it. You have to enjoy the mindfucks, the complex sessions, the differences in each client, and the role‑plays.

Lolita has been really good about helping me out with this ever expanding website, and especially the new footland, so I'd like to take this moment to tell her thanks ;>) Keep up the good work, your Mistress appreciates it!

Well today I'm off for my session with Ned, he's such a sweetie, and today we're going to be expanding our limits with C&BT!!! Yes, I think we'll see how he looks with 14lbs of weights hanging from that cock of his!!! Ned loves being tied down and tortured by me!! Who wouldn't??
Nichole & Diana it seems are spending the afternoon at the beauty parlour ‑‑ with Jenny!! They have some serious transformations in store for her, from what they've told me!!! Won't Dow (our manicurist be surprised!!) I'm sure you'll be hearing all about it from them later, that's if they don't take him to Zigfields or someplace exotic like that!!

Oh before I forget... this website is now 450MB is size... just in case that means nothing to you... it means that it's getting pretty BIG, so I've had to take out the page with all the stored zip files of the past 6 months pictures, it was just taking up way too much space.

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