Saturday, August 30, 1997

The Banana Cum???

08‑30‑97 ‑ Hello slave boys, it's been busy for me, getting a lot of new things ready to put up on my website... some of the bigger, and better things that are coming are, My Slave Training Manual ‑‑ This is an actual manual that I've been writing (and will hope to get published at some time) and I'll be putting it up chapter by chapter onto my website, just for you who subscribe to us...

Because as you can see, it's rather large, and there are a lot of different femdom issues covered in it, I'll be doing hopefully one new chapter per month.. some of the chapters that I've been working on are:‑ Slave Contract ‑ and sample contracts, general slave behaviour, punishment & discipline, attire & appearance, sissy maid training, toilet training, body worship, and much much more!!

It is not for game players but for the serious people seeking a real Mistress/slave relationship in which the slave gives up total control of his life, surrenders all his belongings and money to his Mistress, undergoes serious training, behaviour modification, learns discipline and gets punished for mistakes and disobedience. The object is to create a slave who will be perfect for his Mistress. His only purpose in life will be to serve his Mistress, make her life easier, and make her happy. He will become a totally obedient and most submissive servant. His own pleasures and needs will be put aside and will eventually become nonexistent. In his mind there will reside his Mistress and her needs, nothing else. He will only think of her and ways of better serving her.

Mistress Nichole's computer is still down, so there are no new updates from her... She has been helping me out tho, and she's been *extremely* busy with sessions ..... and finding a photographer that will take good quality scene/fetish pictures of all us... She's also going to be needing a little slave advertiser for us ‑ I no longer have time to put ads out on the newsgroups, newspapers, magazines etc., so I've been explaining this to her... she will need a little office helper for that I'm sure.

We get some really funny mail here, and some is stranger than others, but I could not help but keep thinking on this one...

The banana cum!! "Cut the stem end off and split it carefully on ONE side. Carefully remove the insides leaving the skin intact. Slip it over your cock like a condom and experience one of the best cums you'll ever have! Let me know if you like it and how it was for you."

Has anyone tried a banana skin? If so, tell us about it! We figured we wouldn't get the same effect with our dildos ;>)

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