Friday, August 22, 1997

Has anyone ever told you they were washing their hair?

08‑22‑97 ‑ Good evening slaves... Last night was spent re‑organizing some areas of the page, and tidying up a few other pages etc., This maintenance sure takes a lot of time. I've updated some Transsexual pictures ‑ solo jerking off & transsexual jerking off parties.

I had a great 3 hour session this afternoon, with one of my regular pain sluts. This sub is into major pain, and boy do I get off on that ;>) We also got into some golden shower play, and that prompted me to update the weekly golden shower top 5!!

I've spent this evening sending out new passwords to a new group of slaves, and boy does this take a lot of time or what! That's it for today! It's already after 1am, and I'm off to soak in the tub... ;>) wouldn't you like to be giving me a nice back scrub?? Or washing my hair??

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