Monday, August 11, 1997

Mistress Nichole here...

August 11th, 1997
HI ALL!! Well this is Mistress Nichole, and while Mistress Julie is away at the B&D
Seminar/festival at the beach, I'll be doing a few minor things around the website, so don't expect too much!! The first thing that I was working on yesterday and part of today are a few new stories. Lolita is helping me out with organizing our entire story section into one, instead of all those little piddly menus. We're also going to put a little bio about each story, and try to categorize them a little bit better... This will mean there may well be (there will be) many broken links to and from different story sections. You will have to deal with it, till we get it all done.

Mistress Diana is busy as a beaver training a new little french maid, and keeping sissy slut jenny busy. I believe they have a photo shoot planned for when I'm gone. Jenny will be house sitting for me, and taking care of some odds and ends around my house ‑ replacing light bulbs, cleaning the gutters, taking my car for an oil change & a cleaning etc.,

I leave for NYC tonight.. I will be gone Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday, and will be back home on Friday. I can't tell you right now what I'm doing in NYC, but it's VERY interesting, and exciting!! Perhaps when I get back I'll let you in on it ;‑)

No more updates till FRIDAY!!!! Have a great week, I know that I will ;>)

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