Tuesday, August 19, 1997

S&M party recaps!

08‑19‑97 ‑ Well slaves, I'm back!! I can see Mistress Nichole has been doing a great job altogether of working on and maintaining the web site ;>) I had a wonderful time at the beach with slave Jason, not to mention the dungeon party last Saturday night. I collared Jason, and put on him a simple black bow tie, and a very nice studded leather black collar, with matching ankle, and wrist restraints... the ankle and wrist restraints were attached by chains to his collar, and then attached to that was my leash!! Boy did he look sexy or what?? I was drooling looking at him, almost as much as he was drooling looking at me!!! ;>) LOL

We arrived at the party in style in a lovely stretch limo, although what other way is there for a Mistress to arrive?? Except of course for the pony girl/boy method, which it seems this couple adapted!!! I was quick to meet a couple of lifestyle dominant transsexual Mistresses, who had their cock sucking slaves in tow, in fact that kind of prompted me to think more on that subject.... This is also a big fantasy for Lolita my little pet slave.

I spent several hours laughing and chatting with Mistress Monica, and Empress Dominique, and I must tell you that these were two of the sexiest transsexual Mistresses that I have EVER met. Pity they live on the other side of the United States.... ;‑( Slave Jason was such a good little lap dog, he was fetching me my drinks, and being used as a footstool!! He just adores my feet, and my shoes!! (More about that later)

Then it was my turn to perform... I was called up on the stage, to show off my whipping technique, and I was given this pain pig slave to use. Well this pigs dick started jumping to attention, and dripping the minute I climbed onto the stage... I think he could tell from looking at me, that I meant business ;>) He already had a few stripes on him from playing around earlier that evening, but that was going to be nothing compared to what I would leave on him!! I quickly grabbed him by the hair, and pulled him over to their St Andrews cross, where I deftly chained him up with his butt and back facing in my direction..

I warmed him up much more quickly than I usually do, as I knew that this was an experienced pain pig, and I wasn't going to show him any mercy!! Soon my bull whip was cracking through the air, and landing on his large body! My this pig, had a lot to whip!! I could feel my cunt starting to drip, and could feel that usual wetness appearing on the tops of my thighs, god I love that feeling! I got wetter and wetter watching him squirm to get away from the tip of the bull whip as it lashed down on him. Thank goodness I had decided not to wear panties, much better to let the slave, smell my excitement!! I finished up using a regular English cane, the pain pig was better than I expected, he took 40 strokes of the cane, and by the time I was done, he was begging me to take him home with me.... sorry pig, but I have a slave!!

After watching several other demonstrations, it was time to leave and go back to our hotel, Jason had been such a good slave boy all evening, and I knew by the way he was crawling directly next to my shoes that he was dying for a whiff, and a lick of them when we got home. Sitting down on the bed, with Jason on the floor in front of me, I started to tease him by taking my shoe halfway off my foot.... I could see his cock pulsating and getting bigger and bigger, and knew that right about now, I could ask for anything at all, and Jason would do his damndest to get it for me ;>) I'm so evil!!! After teasing him for about 15 minutes, I allowed him to lick my shoes clean, and suck on the heels, slipping his tongue in and out of all the little holes around my shoes... Jason just loves the aroma of my stockings when my feet have been sweating all evening long! After being in my 5" heels all night, dancing etc., my feet really needed a nice long soak in the tub, and then moisturized, and massaged.... Jason had a long evening in front of him!!

Anyway, the party was a huge success, and I'm really looking forward to the Roissy IV party which is being held in Baltimore on October... I hope it is as good as this one was!

The rest of my time at the beach, was spent on the beach, except for the two days it rained, and then Jason kept me very much amused!! I always manage it seems to find the hottest, kinkiest things that are going on when I'm out and about, and the pussy party was no exception!! (See Above!!)
Now that I'm back, I am ready to do some re‑organizing. I've heard good things about a new little sissy maid that Mistress Diana and Mistress Nichole have been training, and I'm looking forward to meeting her at some point in the near future. From reading Jenny's journal it seems that they keep her busy!! I'll be leaving again for NYC on Sept 6th, 7th, 8th, and 9th to visit the International Fashion Boutique, at Javits Convention Center. Here I'll be buying some clothes, lingerie, toys etc., and will be meeting many of the vendors that we currently buy our clothing etc., from. I'll be also making many changes to my own personal schedule, and after Sept I will NOT be taking on any new slaves, or submissives for in‑person sessions... As it is I now have a nice client list built up, and have my own personal slaves. I will be spending more time training my slaves the way that I want them to be, I will be working on the website, (this already takes up a considerable amount of my time, and energy) and I hope to be working on designing dungeon equipment ;>)

Dee Dee will also finally be able to start seeing clients on her own, she's been sitting in on sessions, helping me out, getting familiar with the equipment and how to use it, and trying to free up her own schedule enough to make time for appointments. She and I will work on her pages some more now that she has an idea of the type of client she would enjoy, and the various games that she would like to play......

Nichole and Diana make quite a dynamic team, and enjoy playing with slaves together, I'll be helping them both work on their pages much more also. Nichole pretty much takes care of her own journal, along with sending Diana's and Jenny's to the server for me. She's been borrowing my web design books, and playing around on her computer much more, and is now able to do most things on the website.... Nichole would also like to expand on a couple of areas on the website that interest her, such as Humiliation, Foot Worship, Golden Showers, face sitting, stomping, and wrestling.... Nichole has also been working with Caroline Designs in designing furniture for our dungeon, and others dungeons.. She & Diana also hope to promote a new line of plus size leather & latex lingerie. They are also both interested in doing pictures, and short video clips for slaves.. such as clips of golden or brown showers (the kind of thing that is very difficult to get).....

So as you can see slaves, there is going to be a lot of activity going on around here. We hope that you are going to be of great use to us, in building our great empire, and we look forward to hearing from all of you, finding out what fantasies, and fetishes each of you have, and seeing if we can't train you to be exactly what we want ;>)

I spent last night watching this show that I've been following on HBO, called OZ. It's got huge S&M undertones to it. It's set in a prison cell, and shows scenes of humiliation, cross‑dressing, anal sex, and now as of last night brown showers!! It's pretty wild! Unfortunately next Monday is the last show of the season.

Anyway, that's it for today, and it's nice to be back!!!

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