Wednesday, August 20, 1997

Chow Chows galore..

08‑20‑97 ‑ Hello slaves... today's been a busy one for me. I'm trying to 'get on top' of all the things that have piled up since I was gone at the beach. My office at home, and at the dungeon, looks like a bomb had hit both areas! We have a new addition to our family.... as you know, I had a red female chow‑chow called Brandy, well Brandy got used to being at Nichole's house, and Nichole kinda unofficially adopted her... well now Nichole just picked up another one! He's a fiesty little guy called Zeus, and he's adorable... however Brandy is being a total bitch, and not being very nice to little Zeus at all!! I'm thinking that perhaps Brandy will be wearing a muzzle for a few days, till she chills out... She's also in heat at the moment, so perhaps she's just PMSing really bad!!

I'm hoping that she allows me to adopt at least one of them. I'm taking a big liking to Zeus.

I've been working on our new on‑line store ‑ it's no‑where near finished with, but because Lolita has been bugging me for the past day and a‑half about it, I guess I'll give all of you a sneak peek.... The store is primarily for slaves that want to purchase leather, latex, pvc outfits, shoes, or accessories for us... it will also have some dungeon toys that we'll allow you to buy for yourselves. We get these clothes wholesale, which is about 1/3rd of the price that you'll find anywhere else on the internet.

Lolita and I are also busy getting my slave manual onto the website ‑ this I'm sure a lot of you would be slaves will find very interesting... it will be ready within the next few weeks..

Anyway, I didn't see any slaves today, so I've got nothing to talk about for a change ;>) However, I'm sure that Nichole, Diana, and Jenny all have something interesting to tell you!!!

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