Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Severe Beating...

Well I've been way out of touch & reality dealing with the pressures of being a big sister to a very unruly, irresponsible 20 year old.  I swear, I'm ready to order some major mood altering drugs for myself on the internet.  Instead, I've taken up smoking again... groan....  Anything to escape the hell that I've been living.  I have to say that when you're as much of a health nut as me, taking that first drag is like over-powering.. it's like what I imagine a hit of cocaine might be...

I have lists of things that I have to get to, that have just been getting piled to the side.  I have yet to send out my stinky trainers, and panties to swampfox -- and he's been waiting so patiently since I got back from LA.. I've also got to approve god knows how many people for the website, and update it properly with my photos and blogs. 

Anyway, to relieve some much needed stress I
invited one of my pet pain slaves over to my house last week.  Joe is really good around the place.  He took care of my lawns & weeded out all my flower beds.  He spent the entire day working around the house, while I was at the gym.  When I got home, I had all the endorphins pumping throughout my body from working out, and needed to get out all my anger that is directed at my sister.  I do not allow my slaves to use a safe word - I mean how stupid is that.... they get to control the play from the beginning?  No way.. it's my way, or hit the highway..

SO..... I took Joe down to the dungeon, and ripped his shirt right off.  I then made him get out of his jeans, and get naked in front of me. I'd already decided what I was going to use on him..... my South African riot stick.. it was a gift from a sub many many moons ago, and is one of my favourite punishment toys of all time.

It makes an amazing noise as it cuts through the air, and it leaves unbelievably deep red and purple marks when it makes contact with your body.   I hooked him up, so that his arms and legs were spread wide.  I stepped back and began to release all that pent up anger...  Joe is awesome.  I love watching his dick jerk all over the place, with every whack.  In no time at all his back and buttocks were covered in my markings, and I was worn out. 

My right arm felt like jelly, and I was close to cumming.  I could feel the wetness sliding between my lips with every step back and forward that I took.  I allowed him to cum on my feet, and then I shoved my foot in his mouth so he could clean me up.  What a great day... I got to deal out a great beating, I got my lawns and beds taken care of, and I slept like a baby that night, for the first time in forever!

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