Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Friday Night..

I spent most of Friday organizing a date with a submissive guy from my site. I was really bored & horny from just getting back into town from LA, and wanted to play a little. HE actually seemed
like a nice guy with a lot on the ball. After many, many, many e-mails and instant messages back and forth I gave him my phone number. We talked several times on the phone, and I thought we really clicked.

I sent him mapquest directions to my house, and called about 3 hours prior to our date, to make sure he understood.

He then called me about an hour beforehand to say that he was leaving his place in VA, and was on his way.

I waited and waited, and the fucker stood me up. No phone call nothing. I tried to call him, but conveniently enough his cell was turned off. I was completely shocked, and after about
two hours, decided fuck it, I'm going to get dressed and go out with my friends.

I don't know why I bother looking for "love" via my website, or my yahoo group. Maybe I just need to take a chance on "straight" or "normal" men, who have no interest in seeking out this kinda stuff
online. Maybe they'll actually prove to be worthier than someone, who already has an interest in female domination?

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