Monday, July 07, 2008


Where to start.. Nichole we're cousins & I miss you. I'm godmother to your children & I haven't seen them or you in over a year. I know that I was shitty and out of order, and I totally should NOT have done what I did. There's 6 of us, and you & I are the only two out of the whole family who are freaking normal. There's so much to tell you, and I want you to unblock my email handles so that I can send you a proper email. I don't really want to type it all out in a blog.

I'm in the process of adopting my youngest sisters child (and last I heard she was dancing at The Gentleman's Gold Club in Balt)... but I took him away from her when he was a baby, and I haven't sold the house but we really need to talk about it. The other sister is currently back home with dad, and bro is in Barcelona for the summer.

I'd love you to come by the club, when I'm not training I'm in my office, and we really really really need to sort everything out. Are you home for good? Are you here by yourself? Have you talked to your sister? Where are you living? Love you Jules.

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